The Royal Law and the Real Church

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The Royal Law and a Real Church

An Interview with Les Keane:

  • Q:  What is this web site all about?
  • A:  I felt compelled to write all this down and share it on a website for anybody who might need it. Especially for all those who have been hurt or confused by the "establishment". It is a way of getting near to God without the rules and barriers that are found in the organized churches.
  • Q:  What's different about this new set of beliefs ?
  • A:  Now my prayers are always answered, because I have found the truth
  • Q:  Have you got all the answers now?
  • A:  No, I have just found the start of the road, and I am beginning to discover the Glory.
  • Q:  What practical difference is there in your life?
  • A:  Everything has changed, for instance money worries have disappeared, even though I don't 'tithe', because I believe that everything belongs to the Lord and all our possessions have to be committed, as well as our time.
  • Q:  What is the difference between your beliefs and the existing establishment?
  • A:  A real church is God centered while the mainstream churches are all man centered.
  • Q:  So how do you resolve situations that arise with your new system?
  • A:  When I meet some difficulty, I just pray and ask for a solution - all the worry goes and the problem is miraculously solved.
  • Q:  Why do you think your way is right?
  • A:  Because it works; nothing else in my experience ever did, but this does.

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