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THE ROYAL LAW AND THE CHURCH - Personal Credo and beliefs of Les Keane

A New View on Christian Beliefs 

Why are there so many religions .

Why are there so many denominations in the Christian Faith?

These are questions I asked myself for years. Why did Christians separate themselves from each other? And why is so much evil perpetrated in the name of God? I always knew there was something wrong with what was being taught under the name of Christianity but I could not find exactly what. I listened for years to the different theories and practices that were supposed to work but none of them ever did and in fact I found more abuse in churches than good. I even tried the wild side of life for a while and learned a lot from both experiences.

When I was a teenager, after reading the bible through it, produced different thoughts to me than what I was being taught, but whenever I mentioned any of what I had found I was abused for it. This happened whatever church I went to although they each had parts of what to me was the truth After forty years of being bullied by what I now call the anti-Christ hierarchy system I decided to find out why.

Starting with the knowledge that Christians always avoided what I call the doing scriptures I read and reread the bible finding that certain mistakes had been made and adopted _into the churches over the centuries. These errors take away the whole purpose of the Bible and Christ's sacrifice.

The first two of these errors went against what I had read and had subsequently found to be taught -in two different churches but the third and clinching one I had to realize myself.

The first one is the introduction of the doctrine of the trinity at the Nicene Council in the second century. The second the introduction of the futurist interpretation of bible prophecy by Franciscan monks and carried through to the Protestant movements. The third is Martin Luther's theory- of salvation by faith, which is partly right, but left out the fact that it is faith in the fact that Christ established a new and perfect law for believers to accept and follow. .

James calls this The Royal Law. Paul calls it Christ's law and Christ himself taught it, and that it would work just by us believing. He had come especially to do this. When we believe, and are born again, we become new creatures and we have a new law to follow with good works to do. The old, Mosaic law still exists for anyone who wants to go back there but a "new creation" fills his/her life with the new law.

Since seeing and believing this truth my life has changed so much and I have seen such real answers to big problems that I know it is the answer I have been looking for, for so long. It is funny how scripture fulfills itself though; as those who used to deride me for not having the answer now find other excuses not to listen to or read what the bible really says. The whole of the Old Testament points to Christ introducing this law and the New testament teaches it.

I now believe that to be born again means totally leaving the old Mosaic law, the ten commandments, and accepting the Royal Law as the gift Christ gives us by His total sacrifice. We are now new creatures and never need to go back to our old ways. The outcome of this is that the Church does not operate in the normally accepted way. There is no hierarchy, no buildings and no bank accounts. The only structure used is The Royal Law.

I have available a Download of the Royal Law from the Bible and a Download on Church operation. They are very briefly outlined here.

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