The Royal Law and the Real Church

Personal Credo and Christian Beliefs

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The Royal Law
and the Real Church

  • The apostle James refers to THE ROYAL LAW: Paul calls it Christ's law and Christ himself taught it, and that it would work just by us believing that he has established this by His sacrifice.

  • He came especially to do this!!!
    This is the fulfillment of the old law and prophecies by Christ's sacrifice.

  • When we believe, and are born again, we become new creatures and we have a new law to follow with good works to do. The old, Mosaic law, still exists for anyone who wants to go back there, but a "new creation" fills new a Christian life with this new law followed by Christ's good works.

  • Since seeing and believing this truth my life has changed so much and I have seen such real answers to big problems, that I know it is the answer I have been looking for for so long.

  • This is the only WAY Christians can achieve unity. This is the TRUTH of God's word. This is the LIFE we need to live.

  • I believe Christian Church structure should be based only on these teachings.

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    Royal Law